About us

How we were formed

The Giant Mine Oversight Board (GMOB) was established as a condition of the Giant Mine Remediation Project Environmental Agreement signed on June 9, 2015. 

Read the Giant Mine Remediation Project Environmental Agreement
Learn more about the Environmental Agreement.

Who we are 

GMOB is an independent body comprised of a six-member Board of Directors, and one staff member. Each of the Parties, who are signatories to the Environmental Agreement, appoint one member to the Board. The Parties include: 

  • Government of Canada, Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada (CIRNAC)
  • Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT)
  • Yellowknives Dene First Nation
  • North Slave Métis Alliance 
  • Alternatives North 
  • City of Yellowknife 

Giant Mine’s remediation is expected to take ten to fifteen years. However, some remediation elements will require operation, maintenance and monitoring in perpetuity.

What we do

GMOB’s mandate includes the following: 

  1. Monitor and report on the Giant Mine Remediation Project; 
  2. Make recommendations on programs, research, and reports about the Project; 
  3. Research a permanent solution for the arsenic trioxide stored underground at the Giant Mine site; and
  4. Communicate GMOB’s activities to the Parties and the public.
  5. Maintain a publicly accessible of archive records about the establishment, operation and remediation of the Giant Mine site.

Project oversight has many elements and is informed by GMOB’s discussions with the Project Team and Parties to the Environmental Agreement. These include attending meetings, observing Committee work, analyzing materials provided by the Project team and presented at public meetings, and making recommendations in their Annual Report. It also involves promoting public awareness and engagement related to remediation of Giant Mine, evaluating progress made on the remediation project and documenting feedback and concerns members of the public have expressed to GMOB.